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Tuzak episode 3 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 3rd episode of the Turkish series "Tuzak" will tell about how Umut framed Ceren and thus exposed her as a traitor in the eyes of her father. There is evidence that it was she who dishonored Demir and the entire Gümus family during the wedding ceremony by showing the same video to the public. Jeren was shocked by the events taking place and she can't even find words to justify herself. As a result, she has to leave her father's house without solving this problem. Ceren begins to demand an explanation from Umut, but he still does not give in. He continues to play the game he started. He asked Ceren why he should believe in her innocence? She talks like they've known each other for years. Umai came to Demir and reported that Güven had gone to surrender to the police. Umut immediately went to the police station to sort things out. The investigator in the Güven case and the lawyer Chinar clearly have a long-standing conflict. Therefore, everything is not going at all as Umut expected. But the lawyer still managed to get Güven out of prison. When Umai kissed Güven, she confessed to her father that everything did not go according to her plan. Umut's forged documents fall into Ceren's hands. Demir ordered Çetin to deal with the lawyer. After all, sooner or later, every lie will be revealed ...