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Tuzak episode 1 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 1 of the Turkish TV series "Tuzak" tells how Umut is a professional lawyer and in his case he is considered one of the best specialists in Turkey. Until a certain point, he lived and enjoyed his life. He has a good job, great prospects and Umut has always been respected by others. In addition, next to him was his beloved wife, who always and in everything provided support. But the usual life of the protagonist is turned upside down and turns into a real nightmare when, under tragic circumstances, the woman he loved more than his life dies. This event did not have the best effect on Umut's later life. He began to fall into a stupid depression, then he lost his position, and after that he almost went down completely. Soon he becomes aware that Aslan is the culprit of this terrible tragedy. He was the head of a very large company, and then a cruel revenge plan appears in Umut's head. He intends to turn the life of this person into a real hell at all costs. To do this, Umut gets a job at Aslan's company and plans to destroy this business empire from the inside. He will not be able to continue to live in peace until he destroys his sworn enemy. Only soon everything starts to go completely different from what Umut had hoped for ...