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Kara Tahta

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Year: 2022
Genre: Drama
At the center of the events of the Turkish TV series "Kara Tahta" was a young man named Atlas. Everyone has their own memories of school days. They can be very cheerful and it is a great pleasure to remember them. But there are also such memories that you don’t want to return to them, but it’s also impossible to forget. The protagonist of the Turkish series with English subtitles, always studied well and was an exemplary student. But he was not very popular among his peers. Very often they maliciously joked about him, teased him in every possible way and constantly offended him. There were even moments when Atlas was beaten and mocked. Unfortunately, childhood grievances never go away.

Despite the fact that many years pass, such memories remain forever in the memory. This is exactly what happens in the life of the protagonist of the Turkish series "Kara Tahta" in Turkish. Atlas is accustomed to achieving his goals by any means, and he has a strong character. After he graduated from high school, he immediately entered the Pedagogical University. He also graduated from this educational institution with great success. When he received his diploma, he decided to return to the school where he had to endure the most difficult moments of his life. Now he plans to work here as a teacher.

Coming back here for the protagonist of the Turkish TV series can be watched online with English subtitles was not easy. After all, only bitter memories of this school remained in his memory. Unexpectedly, here Atlas meets a girl named Yrmak, whom he has been in love with for many years. But circumstances developed in such a way that once they had to leave. When fate brought the former lovers together again, then, despite the years that had passed, their feelings flared up with even greater force. Only none of them even suspects that on the way to their joint happiness, they have to overcome many more obstacles.
Kara Tahta
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Update: 3/08/2022

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