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Derin Sular (Deep waters)

1-2 series
Year: 2011
Genre: Drama
The events of the Turkish series "Derin Sular" with English subtitles will unfold around a very young girl named Ezgi. Her fate can in no way be called happy, since from a very early age she turned out to be very harsh towards her. Ezgi was left without her parents and for this reason she had to grow up and be brought up in an orphanage. In this place, her life was not sugar. She had to endure a huge number of difficult moments and had to constantly overcome various life tests. At the same time, she had to cope with all the difficulties on her own and without anyone's help.

Despite all the difficulties, the heroine of the Turkish series "Deep waters" with English subtitles, never despaired and did not give up. She was full of vitality and continued to move in the direction of her goals. Ezgi always lived with hope and dreamed that one day she would meet her true love. It will also show other young people who are on the verge of adulthood. But one day, an event occurs that turns their usual destinies upside down.

It all happens at the moment when the heroine of the Turkish series "Derin Sular" can be watched online with English subtitles, was found in a quiet place. The girl was in an unconscious state and as if she had been specially left here for certain death. She was miraculously saved, but it soon turns out that the young lady remembers absolutely nothing about her life. It is too difficult for her to say who exactly treated her so cruelly. When Ezgi recovered, she decided to organize a party on this occasion. She went to her friend and suddenly her memories returned. But it would be better if it remained in her nightmare.
Derin Sular (Deep waters)
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Update: 20/05/2022

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