Super Riki / Drama / 💖Derin Sular (Deep waters) english subtitles

Derin Sular (Deep waters) episode 1 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

In episode 1 of the Turkish TV series Derin Sular, while Ezgi was waiting for Ali Rıza, she got very wet in the rain. The man, seeing her, began to ask what she needed? Ezgi wanted to discuss everything, and she realized that she could not do what he asked her to do. Ali Ryza did not like this, and he asked not to piss him off. They already discussed everything with her and made a decision, now Ezgi will have to get rid of the child she carries under her heart. But Ezgi continues to insist on his own and warns Ali Rıza that he will not give up his child under any circumstances. Ali Ryza called his man and asked him to escort Ezgi through the back entrance to his office. When Nisan was sleeping, she had a nightmare. She was sitting on the seashore with Ezgi and then suddenly her friend got up and walked towards the water. Nisan began to call her and ask where she was going? Ezgi simply replied that she needed to leave. Mom woke up Nisan to wish her a happy birthday, and she told her about her nightmare. But the mother reassured her daughter, because it was just a dream. Nissan wanted to call Ezgi, but then she considered it superfluous and did not want to instill fear in her. Ezgi waited for Ali Rizu in the office, and as soon as he entered, he began to shout at her. He believes that Ezgi is doing this on purpose in order to set him up with this child. But Ezgi is only trying to protect an innocent baby who is already four months old. Ali Ryza hit Ezgi in the face and said that he was very tired of her ...