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Yargı episode 8 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 8th episode of the Turkish TV series "Yargi" will tell how Yekta came home in a good mood and told Lachin that everything was over and the killer had been found. Their son is finally saved and will not arouse suspicion in anyone else. Osman was found with the murder weapon and earrings belonging to Inji. Lachin was not at all happy, because now an innocent person will be punished for what their son has done. When Chinar returned home, he was very scared and his hands were stained with blood, in such a state his father saw him. Chinar began to say that he did not want to do this and asked his father to protect him. He killed Jaylene's father, but all because he had to defend himself. Metin was shocked. Jaylene came to Engin and pounced on him in a rage, as she could no longer contain her anger. Engin tries to justify himself and believes that he had some kind of insanity. Jaylene intends to make Engin answer for everything and bear the punishment he deserves in prison. She informed his father about this by looking into the eyes. But Yekta warned Jaylene, before she was going to shoot the king, she had to make sure that he was dead. Engin was detained and at the trial announced that he wanted to make a confession ...