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Sari axjik (Mountain girl)

1 series
Year: 2020
Genre: Drama
Anna's family has long been engaged in the production of wine - a fairly profitable business in which serious money revolves. The whole family is preparing for the wedding of Anna and Robert, but the young and happy bride does not even suspect that in fact Robert is not who he claims to be and his whole biography, so thoroughly checked by Anna's father, is a fake. In fact, he belongs to a family that are the worst enemies of Anna's father and with the wedding intends to get closer to them and deliver a crushing blow.
When the truth is revealed, the father tries to stop the wedding under a plausible pretext, but Anna herself accidentally finds out everything. Overwhelmed with grief, she rides a horse along the river and dies in an accident. My father has a heart attack and no one ever finds out who Robert really was. The worst of all is Anna's daughter from her first marriage - at the insistence of Robert and his mistress, little Luce is sent to a remote mountain village. But when the girl grows up, she will certainly get to the bottom of who is guilty of the death of her mother and will take revenge on everyone who caused pain and suffering to her family.
Sari axjik (Mountain girl)
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Update: 11/11/2020

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