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Seversin episode 9 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 9th episode of the Turkish TV series “Seversin” will tell about how Tolga is categorically against Asya being filmed in commercials. Only she does not want to refuse such an offer. Susan began to wonder if the name of the actor who will star in the commercial is already known. It turned out to be Onur Yekta. He was a young and rather charming man who immediately began showing signs of attention to Asya. For him, friendship between partners has always been very important and therefore he wants to get to know Asya better. Susan told Tolga that Asya's advertising partner was Onur and he was shocked. Tolga worries about Asya and tries to explain to her that this guy is very bad. But Onur has already managed to give Asya forty flowers and therefore she cannot consider him bad in any way, after such an act. Face to face with Onur, Tolga said he knew what he was after. He advised Onur to stay as far away from the set as possible, and especially to Asya. Acye warned Tolga that his anger towards this guy was starting to hurt him. Then Tolga told Asya that Onur wants to use her only to take revenge on him. Asya began to wonder what happened between them, that Onur is so eager for revenge?