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Seversin episode 10 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 10th episode of the Turkish series “Seversin” will tell about how Tolga began to share his feelings with Hakan, which he has for Asya. He believes that he has never experienced such feelings before. Khakan himself sees what is happening with Tolga and it seems to him that he is losing him. Hakan told Tolga that love makes a person dishonor. But is he sure that Asya is in love with him too? Tolga constantly sees Asya in front of him, even if she is not around. He believes that it is impossible to see a person so often. In addition, every day he and Asya have to shoot love scenes, which further complicates the situation. They hold hands and constantly look into each other's eyes. Tolga no longer understands why he chose such a profession for himself? Hakan told Tolga that it was time to open that video password that only the two of them knew. Love is not only capable of upsetting, but it also makes a person indebted. Asya was offered to conduct a test phone, and if Tolga immediately picks up the phone at such an early time, and his voice is excited, then he is definitely not indifferent to her or even in love. When Tolga saw the call from Asya, he wanted to answer right away. But Hakan began to stop him and threatened to throw the phone into the pool...