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Seversin episode 8 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 8th episode of the Turkish TV series “Seversin” tells how Tolga saw a photo in which Asye was next to Selçuk. Then he left all his affairs and went to the Zeynep holiday. Acye was very surprised, because she did not expect Tolga at all. At that moment, messages came to the phone of Asya and Tolga. Asya was warned to stay away from Tolga, and he from her, or they would both regret it. They were shocked and did not understand who could threaten them in this way. When Tolga and Asye were left alone, he began to make assumptions. Most likely, this blackmailer could be Asya's former lover from the quarter? But Asier claims that she did not have such an unhealthy relationship. Then Tolga became interested, did she have a relationship? Or is there still? Or simply there were no sick people, since Tolga did not understand anything from her words. Asier has translated the conversation and believes that now is not the right time for such a topic. Tolga, together with Asya, went to her house, since now they need to be extremely careful, they are obviously worried about a not quite sane person. When Asya was in her room, she found a portrait of Tolga on the bed and his eyes were gouged out. Tolga, armed with the weapons of his brother Asye, tried to carefully lead everyone out of the house. He told Asya that she could not stay here any longer. But the blackmailer each time begins to intimidate Asya and Tolga more and more ...