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Seversin episode 7 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 7th episode of the Turkish series “Seversin” will tell about how rumors began to spread that the relationship between Tolga and Asye is nothing more than ordinary PR. When they appeared before journalists, Tolga decided to prove that these were just rumors. In front of everyone, he hugged Asya tightly to himself, and then kissed, which was a surprise for her. As soon as they were alone, Asye began to pour out all her anger on Tolga for this act. She tells him that he can't kiss her like that. But Tolga is sure that Asya herself wanted this. In addition, he believes that he has every right to kiss the girl he loves, and even more so they are going to get married. Tolga himself intends to pay tribute to this false love. He will definitely make Asya regret her decision. Asya becomes irritated by Tolga's actions, and an inner voice tells her that Tolga is violating the terms of their deal. Tolga begins to flirt with other girls in front of Asya, and inside she experiences a feeling of jealousy. She asks Tolga not to drive her crazy. He replies that this is all karma, and Tolga remembers how she threatened him. Asier was ready to tell that the hotel was Celine, not her. As soon as she saw Bahri, she informed him about it...