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Seversin episode 6 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 6th episode of the Turkish series “Seversin” will tell about how Tolga made Asya a marriage proposal, which was a big surprise for everyone. Asya herself arrives in a rage, and she believes that Tolga is not only irresponsible, but also a disgusting person. She told him this directly to his face. Tolga began to ask Asya not to give him away, but rather to play along with him. Everyone must believe that their engagement is real. When the appointed date approached, Tolga and Asye were engaged. Relatives and friends began to congratulate the couple on such a joyful event. When Tolga wanted to kiss his bride, Asya was categorically against it. Assya is looking forward to the day when she can remove the ring that Tolgoi has put on her finger. Tolga does not acknowledge the fact that he suffers from claustrophobia. When he and Asya were in the elevator, he became ill. Tolga began to choke and talk about dying. Acye tried to support Tolgi. Tolga confessed to Asya that he had lied to her. He wanted to tell her about Bahri's daughter. But then Tolga suddenly lost consciousness. Assya begins to believe that Tolga and Assya have a relationship. But in fact, Tolga lied senselessly, since there is nothing between him and Selin ...