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Mahkum (Prisoner)

1-2 series
Year: 2021
Genre: ---
Actors: Onur Tuna
The center of attention of the Turkish series "Mahkum" was one of the most successful prosecutors, which was able to build a brilliant career. The hero of the Turkish series with English subtitles, achieved success not only in the work, but also a personal life. He has a loving family and many of others consider him an ideal family man. At the prosecutor there is a charming spouse named Zaynept and together they are engaged in raising their little daughter. Every day he has to face crime and therefore always have to make a decision whose side to choose. But it can not be attributed to the corrupt official who was ready to indulge the criminals. Agryt got used to seek justice, but at the same time often risks not only his life, but also close.

The hero of the Turkish series "Prisoner" in Turkish, were their work methods. He knew all the laws perfectly, and also demanded their strict execution. The prosecutor never walked on concessions and even if he had the most influential and rich man in the city. He firmly confident that it is not dependent on his social status, every criminal must be punished and answer for the deed. In the life of the main hero, everything went on his own man, and therefore a man could not even think that one day he himself would have to face a very serious accusation.

The usual life of the hero of the Turkish series, which can be watching online with English subtitles, turns away from the legs on the head after he himself turns out to be behind the bars. He is prosecuted with cruel murder, but the circumstances are that the prosecutor himself cannot remember anything. He had a short-term loss of memory, and he did not remember anything from his life in recent months. Despite this, he does not despair and is going to fight on legal grounds and intends to prove his innocence by anything.
Mahkum (Prisoner)
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Update: 31/12/2021

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Guest Eda
Guest Eda Guests 15 April 2022 11:53
blush Can you please the rest of the episodes of Mahkum.....Eagerly waiting for it