Super Riki / Deniz Altan

Veda Mektubu 1-12 series

Veda Mektubu
At the center of the events of the Turkish series was a young woman named Alanur Yildiz. It will be a very complex story about those dreams that were shattered and lost all hope. The main character of "Farewell Letter" was a very strong woman who is always and in everything able to stand up for
Year: 2023
Genre: Drama
Update: 25/05/2023
25 May 2023

Ask Aglatir (Love Making Cry) 13-14,16 series

Ask Aglatir (Love Making Cry)
The new Turkish series “Love Making Cry / Ask Aglatir”, is a remake of the Japanese TV show of the same name, and promises to be a hit of the fall season. The series is based on the interweaving of several storylines that tell the viewer about the difficult life, love, dreams and relationships of
Year: 2019
Genre: Drama
Update: 25/12/2019
25 December 2019