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Baraj (Dam)

1-3 series
Year: 2020
Genre: Drama
In the Turkish series “Dam” with English subtitles, the main character will be Nazim, who is a pious builder and also the head of the dam construction. Quite unexpectedly for himself, a man meets a young and rather attractive woman named Aysel on his way. The girl worked in a brothel and got used to a similar lifestyle. She was completely happy with everything, but she understood that for complete happiness she needed to arrange her personal life.

Initially, a simple correspondence ensued between them, which did not bode well for anything else, and simple communication was present, which was convenient for each of the heroes of the Turkish series “Dam” with English subtitles. At the same time, all communication took place incognito. This communication lasted long enough and it became clear that very soon they would have to meet. Only the heroes of the Turkish series “Baraj” can watch online with English subtitles, they could not even imagine that such simple communication would lead to something more and such great feelings could flare up between them that it would be impossible to cope with.

As soon as the time came for the very first date for the correspondent couple, Nazim began to realize that he could not go to the meeting. He did not have the courage to see the woman with whom he had been talking for so long. He was very modest and therefore decides to send one of his subordinates to a meeting. They become a completely simple worker named Orhan. After some time, Aysel comes to the place where Nazym works and for him this becomes a big surprise. It was at that moment that Nazym became very sorry for his act, but he could not have foreseen that this whole complicated situation would begin to get out of complete control and everything would go completely different from what was foreseen.
Baraj (Dam)
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Update: 2/09/2020

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