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1-3,6? 10 Final series
Year: 2020
Genre: Drama
Firuse and Ayaz - two young people responsible for their families fall madly in love with each other. But at the insistence of her mother, Ayaz has to abandon Firuse and become engaged to the girl she chose. Once an accident occurs at a construction site where Firuse's father works. He is accused of killing 13 people. Firuze, who graduated from the Law University, has devoted herself to the protection of rights and honesty, is trying to prove the unfairness of the charges and prove the innocence of her father. On the way to the truth, Firuze again confronts me Ayaz, who, as it turns out, is the owner of the same construction company and is related to the accident. Ayaz has a difficult choice, who should he choose - family or beloved? How many times can one sacrifice love?
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Update: 19/03/2020

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Shahbano Guests 21 January 2020 00:00
When will the next episode uploded

Nora Guests 20 February 2020 19:42
Hello, when are you going to upload the next episodes? I’m waiting for a long time now ?
Nastjaaa Guests 21 February 2020 22:16
Where are the episodes 4 &5??? Could you please upload them??