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Benim Tatli Yalanim (My Sweet Lie)

27-28 series
Year: 2019
Genre: Comedy
When Nejat leaves his charming noble wife, he becomes a single father. From now on, a good-natured man has to bring up little Kayra alone. The girl is a very impressionable and kind child. The reasons why her mother decided to leave the family cannot be called conscientious. Nejat tries to devote all his free time to his daughter so that the girl does not need anything. At first, Kayra didn’t remember her mother, but having matured, the child begins to ask adult questions, the first of which is “Where is my mother?”

If you watch the TV series “My Sweet Lie” online in good quality, you can see what the father is ready to do for the well-being of his beloved daughter. A man begins to come up with different stories and a sweet lie, so as not to injure his daughter and not to tell the whole truth about his mother’s grief. Nejat writes letters to his daughter, introducing himself as a mother. At the beginning there are enough letters, but over time, the girl begins to desire more and more to meet her mother.

If you watch this Turkish series online, you can see what the constant lie leads to, despite the fact that it is "sweet." Suddenly, Nejat meets a charming woman. Beauty's name is Suna. The idea of using the “newly made” friend in his lies does not immediately come to the hero of the series. And the new acquaintance herself does not immediately agree to play her mom for Kayra. Having stepped onto the road of a web of lies, Suna is drawn into a chain of incredible events. Kayra’s mother is not too difficult to play. It’s just that the lies are dragging on, and the possibility of the return and sudden appearance of a real mother is increasing every day. Suna was quite attached to Kayra, which can be said about the girl herself. who prefers to spend all her time with "mom." Will Nejat be able to achieve prosperity for his new family, or will he again have to meet with his old wife, who is able to break everything and bring new misfortunes.
Benim Tatli Yalanim (My Sweet Lie)
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Update: 7/01/2020

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