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Ferhat and Shirin

1-6 series
Year: 2019
Genre: Drama
In the Turkish series “Ferhat and Shirin” with English subtitles we will talk about the difficult fate of one couple in love, who were from different social backgrounds. Before they can become truly happy, they have to overcome a huge number of obstacles and all kinds of tests. All events will unfold today. So Ferkhat’s fate was that from the very first glance he fell in love with a charming girl named Shirin, who was from a wealthy family. Ferkhat himself was too poor, and he is a simple artist who does not deserve Shirin, according to her sister Banu.

Such a poor man can not become a part of their wealthy family. And in order to destroy the happiness of a couple in love, Banu will be ready to go for any methods. When she found out that Ferhat was planning to marry Shirin, Banu prepared a task for him that he simply could not complete. The protagonist of the Turkish TV series Ferhat ile Şirin, which can be watched online with English subtitles, will need to bring water into the city and its source is located on the top of a mountain called Шахahin. If he can not cope with this task, he will have to forget about his beloved forever and throw thoughts out of his head regarding his marriage to Shirin.

Despite the fact that Ferhat understood how difficult this condition was and it was almost impossible to fulfill it, he nevertheless agreed. His love was so strong that he was ready to go through any trials in order to achieve the desired goal. The young man immediately goes to the mountains in order to fulfill the mission entrusted to him. Ferhat has to fight with many enemies that can only appear on his way to his beloved. Only sometimes it happens that all his efforts are in vain and Ferhat himself realizes that he has practically no chance of marrying Shirin. At this time, Banu is also not going to be inactive, and every time she comes up with new traps for the unfortunate guy ...
Ferhat and Shirin
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Update: 1/09/2020

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