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Tas Kagit Makas

1-14 series
Year: 2024
Genre: Drama
The Turkish TV series “Tas Kagit Makası” tells the story of a man who has a truly unique way of thinking. From early childhood, Umut was diagnosed with a disease called hyperthymestic syndrome. This gave the guy a feature that can even be called a real one - a superpower. Everything that he once saw or heard never leaves his memory. Some might say that this feature made Umut’s life much easier. But on the other hand, everything is completely the opposite. From early childhood, his head is filled with a huge amount of information, which can simply break him at one moment with its enormous weight. But he confidently fights this and does not allow this weight of information to get the best of him.

The main character of the series “Tas Kagit Makası” faces in his life the terrible injustice that this world is filled with. One day in the life of their family, his father Ryza Tanrykul is sent to jail, accused of a crime that the man did not commit. This becomes a turning point in Umut’s life. He decides that he must become the one who will help innocent people find justice in this world. Umut decides to become a lawyer. The guy believes that he can easily get this complex education, since his peculiarity will allow him to easily and quickly learn the educational material. This is how his journey begins, which can lead Umut to those moments and people that he certainly never expected to meet on his life’s path.
Tas Kagit Makas
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Update: 6/06/2024

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