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1-3 series
Year: 2023
Genre: Drama
The Turkish series will show the extraordinary and at the same time filled with dramatic moments the story of one girl. She had an attractive appearance, was very smart and, in addition to everything, completely provided for. The main character "Kraliçe" was able to meet a worthy man on her way and soon they got married. She has a wonderful family and, it would seem, life is like a real fairy tale. But soon the time comes for the heroine to return to her parents' house. The thing is that she inherited a family estate, and will also have to take the place of the head of a very large and powerful corporation that produces cane sugar.

Thus, the main character of the Turkish TV series "Kraliçe" was again in her home. Her beloved husband is next to her and everything is going well. No one could even imagine what trials fate had prepared for her ahead. Her habitual and measured life begins to turn upside down at the moment when one very unpleasant event occurs. She learns that her lover had very serious troubles and the heroine could not stay away from what was happening. He finds himself at the epicenter of a very high-profile scandal.

The girl was not ready for such life turns, but she understands that she must help her husband. The husband of the main character was a basketball player and for all the time of his activity he managed to achieve great success in this direction. But after the incident, his career is under serious threat. Everything that he has been trying to achieve for so many years can collapse in an instant. But the worst thing is that these consequences can also affect the whole family. Now the life of each of the heroes begins to be in serious danger.
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Update: 7/04/2023

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