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Taçsız Prenses

1-2 series
Year: 2023
Genre: Drama
In the center of the ongoing events of the Turkish series was a little girl named Masal. She had a beloved mother, Shirin, who constantly told her daughter about her dreams. This is what Masal lived from an early age. Only everything led to such a result that due to certain events, the main character of Taçsız Prenses began to develop a completely different worldview. It was not at all similar to the realities that people often have to face in their lives. The heroine was trapped in a very cold and realistic world, and as a result, all this is not the best way reflected in her entire future life.

The usual life for the main character of the Turkish series "The Princess Without a Crown" begins to turn upside down after her mother has a heart attack. The woman goes to the hospital and then the girl has to face the real world, which began to seem so alien and unfamiliar to her. Then Masal began to understand that in reality, not everything in life is as beautiful as her mother always told her about it. Masal could never do anything well despite her best efforts. This circumstance turned her into an angry and very irritable person.

The main character of the Turkish series "The Uncrowned Princess" was completely unprepared for such a turn of events. Evgin was Masal's teacher and he was the first person who immediately came to her aid. He makes every effort to complete those fairy tales that Masal's mother did not have time to finish. After all, only in this way he would be able to return the girl to a happy life. The man helps not only one Masal, but also other similar children who find themselves in a similar situation. Only soon it will turn out that in fact Evgin is not as happy as he tries to show himself to everyone.
Taçsız Prenses
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Update: 18/01/2023

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