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1-4 series
Year: 2023
Genre: Drama
At the center of the events of the Turkish series was a young muezzin with an attractive appearance. The duties of the protagonist of "Omer" include the proclamation of the hours of prayer, and he always approached this matter with great care. The man lives a completely calm and unremarkable life. He devotes most of his time to his work and, it would seem, every day is no different from the previous one. Only Omer could not even think that very soon such a familiar way of life would begin to turn upside down. Born and raised in a devout Muslim family, he accidentally falls in love with a woman named Gamzeh. These were such strong feelings that developed at a rapid pace. The guy understands that he cannot imagine his life without his beloved.

The problem was that this woman was much older than the protagonist of the Turkish series Ömer. And besides that, she did not want to start a romantic relationship with such a young guy. Only Omer turned out to be very persistent and therefore Gamze could not resist his charm. Gamze was very beautiful and at the same time self-confident, which was how she was able to arouse such interest from Omer. Soon, people around will find out about this love story and begin to categorically oppose such waywardness. Gamze begins to understand that if she continues to meet with this young man, then she will simply be discredited in society.

Then the heroine of the Turkish series "Shtisel" begins to reject all signs of attention from such a persistent fan, but all her efforts are in vain. Unexpectedly for himself, Gamze begins to understand that she, too, has strong feelings for Omer, but tries with all her might to reject them. The situation is getting more and more difficult every time. No one could have thought that Omer would be so headstrong. He does not intend to give up his love and, in spite of everything, wants to marry Gamza, because he believes that only with her will he be able to find his true happiness. The parents decide to take drastic measures in order to stop their son and force him to give up this love.
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Update: 31/01/2023

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