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Çöp Adam

1-10 series
Year: 2022
Genre: Drama
In the center of the events of the Turkish series was a young and respectable guy named Tamer Yilmaz. Outwardly, the main character "Çöp Adam" looked like a pleasant and friendly person. He was always sociable and practically did not differ from other people around him. Despite the fact that everyone considered him ordinary and simple, in reality everything was completely different. No one even suspects what thoughts are hiding in Tamer's head. There are dark sides within him that can shock anyone. One day, luck smiled at him, and the man became the owner of a huge fortune. He immediately began to arrange his life exactly the way he always wanted it. And, it would seem, everything will develop in the best possible way.

The hero of the Turkish series "Çöp Adam" meets a charming girl on his way to whom he begins to feel an incredible attraction. Peri had a beautiful appearance, was able to achieve great success in life and was very confident in herself. Tamer himself did not notice how he began to experience great passion for this person. He began to show signs of attention to Peri, but she did not want to answer them in any way and in every possible way avoided her admirer. She does not like Tamer's obsession and she did not like him at all. She did her best to avoid any chance encounters with him. Only it did not bring positive results.

Peri has captured all the thoughts and feelings of the protagonist of the Turkish series "Çöp Adam" and as a result it begins to turn into a painful passion. Tamer has always been accommodating, but the refusal from the object of his sighing makes him an inadequate and simply obsessed person. He is like a madman, with a sick imagination, as well as thoughts, who intends to achieve reciprocal feelings at all costs. This circumstance leads to the most unpredictable consequences. One fine day, Tamer decides to kidnap Peri and make sure that she is always next to him alone.
Çöp Adam
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Update: 2/02/2023

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