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Kadere Karşı

1-2 series
Year: 2022
Genre: Drama
The main character of the Turkish series not so long ago felt what motherhood means. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter and did not have a soul in her. But when the child was two years old, a terrible tragedy occurred. It so happened that the main character of "Kadere Karşı" lost her beloved child. The police made every effort to find the girl, but could not get the desired result. There were no traces left of the girl, but there was no evidence that she could die. Therefore, the mother did not lose hope that her daughter was alive and very soon they would be reunited again. For many years, the unfortunate woman made a variety of attempts to find her child, but she could not do it.

As a result, everything leads to the fact that the heroine of the Turkish TV series "Kadere Karşı" becomes obsessed only with thoughts about finding her missing child. Gradually, not only friends, but even relatives begin to turn away from her. No one even knows that the baby is really alive. She grows in love and care. Some more time will pass, and fate will definitely bring mother and child together again. When the Sultan had to go through the worst day in his life, for another woman, on the contrary, he became the happiest.

Another heroine of the Turkish series is a woman named Ceylan. Her young daughter died in a traffic accident and the woman was heartbroken. But one day, she accidentally found the lost daughter Sultan and thought that this would be a consolation for her. The woman accepted this as a gift of fate. She did not tell anyone or anything, but simply took the child to her and began to raise him as her own. Eighteen long years have passed since then, and now fate decided to push these families together, which will forever be bound by inextricable bonds.
Kadere Karşı
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Update: 27/11/2022

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