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Gecenin ucunda episode 7 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 7th episode of the Turkish TV series “Gecenin Ucunda” will tell about how Majide read Kazym’s love confession in a letter. After that, she tried her best to sort out her feelings. Majide wants to be sure that he really has feelings for Kazym. Majide told Kazym that he was afraid of the letter and told her friend about this conversation. Only Kazym answered that there was no letter. Kazym has made a decision and he is going to return to Nermin's family. He told himself to listen to his mind, not the voice of his heart. Kazym wants first of all to fulfill the request of Berin, who is ill with a fatal disease. The woman believes that it will be much better if the wedding of Ahmet and Majide takes place in the very near future. Even though Kazim has great feelings towards Majide, he still decides to step aside. After all, only in this way can he open the way for the happiness of his brother. The psychologist asked Kazym if he would like Majide to reject Akhmet in front of everyone? Nermin is going to remove his opponent from his path by any means. First of all, she will have to deprive Majide of her home. When Ahmet took Majide by the hand, the girl answered him in return. Despite this, Majida can't seem to get Kazym out of her head. She decided to write a message in which she said that next to Ahmet, a smile finally appeared on her face ...