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Gecenin ucunda episode 6 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 6th episode of the Turkish series “Gecenin Ucunda” will tell about how Nermin called Cihangir and began to complain that his older brother spent the whole night next to Majide. Zafer warned Ahmet to stay as far away from his wife as possible. Only Ahmet did not listen to these words and kissed Serra. Berrin tries to find out the relationship with his son and during the conversation slaps Jihangir. She wants to know what exactly he is blackmailing Tunc with? Cihangir replied to his mother that it was the girls whom Cihangir was recording on a video camera. This news for Berrin was a real shock. She could never have expected this from her own husband. When Kazym returned home, Nermin began to ask where he had been? And why didn't you sleep at home? Kazym replied to his wife that she was unable to think normally. And it's not right for her to act like this all the time. Nermin had a tantrum, and she perfectly understands that Majide is to blame for everything. After all, she knows her best. Nermin decided to go to Majida for an important conversation and tells her about her pregnancy. Majide begins to realize that she is faced with exactly what she condemned most in her life. After all, she fell in love with a man who already has his own family. But can she refuse the man she loves with all her heart?