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Bir Peri Masalı

1-3,8-13 series
Year: 2022
Genre: Drama
The life of the main character of the Turkish TV series "Bir Peri Masalı" did not develop in the best way, as she grew up and was brought up in a very poor family. Relatives never had enough money for a normal existence, and for this reason, the heroine of the Turkish series with English subtitles was able to learn several important life lessons. She always knew the value of money, the most important thing is that you should never throw it away and you need to set goals for yourself. After all, then you will strive for them with all your might, and there will be a desire to achieve something better. When Zeynep matured, she did not have the opportunity to get a good education and the girl was forced to look for at least some work for herself. She understood that she had to help her family and earn enough money to live on.

After the mother of the main character of the Turkish series "Bir Peri Masalı" in Turkish died, the situation in the family became more difficult. My father fell into a deep depression, and then began to bet on horse racing. Zeynep has always wanted to live a more prosperous life, but for now she has to work as a nanny for a very wealthy family. Only almost all the money that Zeynep managed to earn, his father lost. One day, on her birthday, the family where Zeynep worked decided to give her a solid cash gift. She could spend the money however she wanted.

The heroine of the Turkish series "Bir Peri Masalı" can be watched online with English subtitles, she was very happy with this chance. After all, now she has a great opportunity to pay for the exam. And for her future, this exam is of great importance. Only now these grandiose plans of Zeynep were not destined to come true. As soon as the father found out about this money, he immediately took it from his daughter, and then made bets. This circumstance forces Zeynep to make an important decision that can radically affect her entire future life.

Bir Peri Masalı
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Update: 28/12/2022

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