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Duy Beni episode 11 english subtitles

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The 11th episode of the Turkish TV series "Duy Beni" tells how Ekim's friend is surprised that she betrayed Kanat, because she loved him so much. Leyla intervened in this conversation and told Aisha that Ekim was not thinking about her or Kanata. According to Leila, Ekim just wants to be a hero. Melissa told Ekim that she always thought she was smart, but now her expectations were not met. Now Melissa is grateful to Ekim for returning Kanat to her again. Kanat himself cannot forgive what Ekim did to him. He said he would make her suffer. She will constantly wonder what Kanat will do with her this time? Ekim knows perfectly well and is sure that Kanat will not be able to hurt her. Kanat warned Ekim that if she trusted him, she would pay dearly for it. He paid, and now it's her turn. Kanat called his trusted person and said that he had sent money to his account and now they would have to see each other at the appointed time. Leila told Ekim that if she made herself a new mask, it would suit her very well. Ekim is well aware that Leila is very much in love with Kanat. But when she started talking about this to Aisha, she became very angry. After all, Aishe knows that Ekim loves him too, was it really just a game? At this moment, there is a fight between the guys at school ...