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Duy Beni episode 10 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 10th episode of the Turkish TV series "Duy Beni" will tell about how Ekim and Kanat are now together and no longer hide their relationship. The bracelets worn by Ekim and Kanat are very important to them. After all, they will always connect them with each other. And each time this connection will only become stronger. It seems to them that these bracelets are like an engagement. Kanat told Ekim that if one day they got tired of everything and could not breathe here, or if they wanted to go somewhere, would she be able to trust him? And agree to go with Kanat into the unknown? Melissa cannot come to terms with the fact that she lost Kanata. She went to the cliff and knew that Kanat would definitely come there, because he had to remember this place. After all, it was here that Kanat first confessed his love to her. As she wanted, Kanat came and began to ask Melisa to stop. She walked to the edge of the cliff and began to remember that day with tears in her eyes. Kanat asks Melissa not to do this to him and come closer to him. He extended his hand to her and asked her to take it. Melissa told Kanat that if everything started here, then it will end in the same place. She was tired of dying without him every time. Then she apologized to Kanat for everything and jumped down...