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Elkızı episode 4 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 4 of the Turkish TV series "Elkızı" will tell how Javidan became interested in Harun, why he was not satisfied with the position of chief in the warehouse? Harun does not consider this a worthy place of work for himself and is confident that he can take a more suitable vacancy. When Javidan drove the guests out of the house, Ezo told Harun that from tomorrow he would be the director of the company. Ezo began to realize that all this time she was completely alone. Everyone else is against her. She went to the cliff and jumped into the water. It happened right in front of Harun's eyes and he rushed to save the girl. He took Ezo out of the water and said that she would never be alone again and he was next to her. She can always trust him in everything. Ali does not believe this man at all, and he warned Harun that he would not give Ezo to the wolves to be torn apart. Ezo was shocked that Ali attacked Harun again. She doesn't understand what he did to him? Or is Ali just jealous of Ezo? In any case, Harun is confident that Ali cannot win this war with his fists. The rioters broke into the house of Ezo and Javidan and grabbed the woman. Ezo took up a weapon and fired a warning shot into the air. She said to let her grandmother go or the next bullet will hit someone in the head ...