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Sadakatsiz episode 53 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 53rd episode of the Turkish series "Sadakatsiz" will tell about how Asya turned to Derya for help. She wanted Volkan to come to her, and they were left alone. And Derya will have to make Derin come here. When Derya brought Ali, Derin was surprised. After all, they were supposed to watch the match with their father. Derya explained to Derin that she brought Ali specifically so that Asya and Volkan could talk in private. When Derin came to Asya, she found them and Volkan not in a pleasant situation. But Asya is not ready to stop there. Derya began to ask Asya how long she could continue this game? But Asya has just begun and she will not rest until she takes revenge. Now she is going to toughen up this game more. And there will be much harder days ahead of her sworn enemies. She put the keys in Derin's box and it turns out that Ali lost them. Then Volkan's thoughts will be completely confused. That is exactly what happened. Volkan decided to ask Derin if Ali had really lost his keys? He said that he could have dropped it at their house. Now he wants to know if Derin saw those keys? Derin replied that she was not even aware of this. Volkan knows that Derin is lying to him and he is filled with anger towards her...