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Sadakatsiz episode 52 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 52nd episode of the Turkish series "Sadakatsiz" will tell about how Asya accidentally learns from Aras that he was there when Haluk became ill. He grabbed his heart, but Aras left. Aras told Asya that he saw Haluk alive, but at the same time did not tell anything about his condition, because she could save him. Acye believes that it is Aras who is to blame for the death of Haluk, because he did not ask for help in time. Acye told Aras that she would not be able to go with him. Aras had no choice but to say goodbye to Asya and leave alone from this city, where it is difficult for him to live. Acier really wanted to leave with Aras and be happy with him. She even believed it, but nothing happened. But at the same time, Asier believes that her story is not over yet. Tekirdag has not ended for her, as she still has unclosed accounts here. There are people here who hurt her and offended her son. They were separated, and Asya cannot leave everything just like that. Volkan asked Asya if she really made the right decision to leave now? Asya considers this a reasonable decision. But she sees that Volkan has come to convince her otherwise. Volkan admitted that he never wanted Asya to move away from him, let alone go somewhere. Asya looked very strange, and she suggested that Volkan take off his shirt. It was a very romantic moment, but that's when Derin showed up...