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Yeni Hayat (New life)

1-9 series
Year: 2020
Genre: Drama
In the Turkish TV series "New Life" in English, it will focus on a former soldier named Adem. He served for a long time in burgundy berets and always coped with the tasks assigned to him. Although at times they were impracticable, he achieved his goal exactly as required. The authorities treated this soldier with great respect, and each of his colleagues knew perfectly well that this person could be relied on in any situation. But one day, an accident happened to a man and for this reason he was forced to leave his beloved profession.

This circumstance became difficult for him, and he could not think of what he would do next. Now he has to get used to civil life, which turns out to be quite difficult to do. After some time, the hero of the Turkish TV series “Yeni Hayat” with English subtitles manages to find a suitable job for himself, and it is similar to the one he already had to do. Now he will have to become a bodyguard for the beautiful daughter of a famous and influential businessman named Yasemin. He understands that once again he will have to put his own life in great danger, but such a circumstance does not bother the hero of the Turkish TV series, which can be watched online with English subtitles.

While a young security guard with great talent will carry out his professional duties, at the same time he will revise his own views on life, as well as the events that he had to endure in his entire difficult life. The moment will come when Adem will have to face such events in which he will have to apply all his skill acquired over the years of service. After all, the most important thing for him is to defend his employer and he will have to do this at any cost ...
Yeni Hayat (New life)
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Update: 31/10/2020

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Comments (5)
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Sussi Guests 11 September 2020 19:38
please upload episode 2.. I think this story will be amazing
Isabella Guests 9 October 2020 08:48
Please upload episode 6 fast

Josephine Mbungani
Josephine Mbungani Guests 10 October 2020 08:40
I am glad they did not cancel this series. It has everything people love so I don't understand why it is not doing better with ratings. It would be a success here in America

Naba Guests 16 October 2020 06:26
please upload episode 7 of yeni hayat soon!!Thank you
Fife Guests 24 October 2020 12:31
One of the best Turkish Drama ??