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Balkan Ninnisi episode 2 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 2 of the Turkish TV series "Balkan Ninnisi" tells how Suleiman found out that Ertan got a job on the Macedonian radio, and this made him furious. He thinks being a radio presenter is a waste of time. Suleiman went on the air and told the listeners that Ertan was supposed to become an architect, but nothing came of it. Jovanka agreed to meet with Gulbahar, but in fact she needed an excuse to leave home and meet with Ertan. When Jovanka and Ertan met, she said that she felt guilty. After all, her closest friend is already in love with him. But Ertan is in love with Jovanka and he only needs her. If they do not refuse each other, then no one can interfere with their happiness. Even their relatives will not be able to resist such great love and will eventually be forced to reconcile. Ertan took out a ring and offered Jovanki to become his wife. She happily agreed. Ertan came to Jovanka and said that he had brought her favorite meatballs. Jovanka was greatly surprised to see him on the threshold of her house. Posters of Ertan and Jovanka were pasted all over the city and everyone began to talk about the forbidden love of a Turk and a Macedonian. But Giovanka has another fan who is looking forward to the moment when they can reunite...