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Balkan Ninnisi episode 1 english subtitles

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Episode 1 of the Turkish TV series Balkan Ninnisi tells how a young guy of Turkish origin arrived in a small town located in Macedonia and here he tried to find the meaning of life. He meets a charming girl and immediately understands that it is she who is destined for him by fate. The city of Skopje is considered multinational and is divided into two parts by a river. Macedonians lived on one side, but the opposite side was inhabited by Turks and Albanians. Despite the fact that these people have different views on life, they always managed to get along peacefully. Only here in the family of Ertan and Yova, relatives have always adhered to strict traditions. When a young couple in love met on the bridge, nothing foreshadowed trouble. Ertan presented Yova with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and they both looked happy. Only they failed to fully enjoy these moments. Suddenly, Ertan and Yova's relatives began to surround them. Everything was a beautiful fairy tale, until it was violated by the usual foundations. Despite this situation, Ertan and Yova continued to hold hands tightly. They are well aware that before they can find their happiness, they have to go through a rather difficult path. But lovers are ready for anything in order to tie their lives ...