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23, 44 series
Year: 2019
Genre: Action / Drama
Feride had known Aziza since childhood. Together they kept a terrible secret that no one else should have known. It is with her that many subsequent events in the life of the main characters of the multi-part Turkish melodrama “Vuslat” will be associated. Over the years, keeping girls secret is becoming increasingly difficult.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the friendship of the parents of Aziza and Feride, but later the families quarreled because of the behavior of their children. The problem that led to this was too serious and it was not possible to solve it in the coming years.

After twenty years, there was a chance meeting between two former girlfriends who decided to forget old grievances and make peace. In many ways, they were inspired by a common secret that the main characters of the series “Reunion” kept in their hearts. If her details had surfaced, then all members of their families would have suffered, which Aziza and Feride were very afraid of.

Also, viewers will get acquainted with the young man Salih. At one time he was engaged in charity work. In addition, the guy was a collector of antiques. If Salih found their former owners, then he returned what was found to them. The guy’s hobby was connected with the secrets of past years. One of them concerns the main characters of the multi-part Turkish melodrama “Reunion”.

Once Salih was fascinated by a strange ancient game, which he decided to revive today. He began to promote it among his acquaintances, and then talk about it to completely strangers. Later it turned out that the game is associated with an ancient mystical rite, which negatively affects the fate of its participants.

When the father of the young man supported his son’s hobby, his psyche could not stand it and he turned into a madman, left his business, left his family and became a hermit. Salih did not realize that his father was inspired by such a fascination with a strange game. He looked for options to return the parent home, but to no avail. The Turkish series "Reunion" watch online recommend fans of mystical stories.
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Update: 11/03/2020

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