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Hizmetçiler (Maids)

1-3 series
Year: 2020
Genre: Drama
In the center of events of the Turkish TV series "Maids" with English subtitles were five friends who work in the homes of wealthy people. Huge areas of luxury mansions almost leave no free time. Girlfriends have a rare weekend when they manage to meet in order to share secrets and just chat. They will have to investigate the murder of their girlfriend and part-time colleagues on their own. The girl died under rather strange and mysterious circumstances, and the police did not manage to find at least some clues.

All families in which girlfriends work have a close relationship with each other. Girls begin to understand that their masters will do everything necessary to ensure that the police closed this case in the shortest possible time. This begins to cause even more suspicion and the girls want the killer of their girlfriend to suffer a deserved punishment. And then the heroines of the Turkish series “Hizmetçiler” with English subtitles decide to conduct their own investigation and they will do it in strict secrecy. Gradually, many secrets and secrets of those people who live in chic mansions will begin to be revealed to them.

Interesting details of the murder of their colleague, the mysteries of the past wealthy and influential homeowners, will begin to surface. And then events will begin to unfold in the most unexpected direction. Ordinary girls working as ordinary housekeepers could not even imagine that in the struggle for justice, light would begin to shed on a host of other equally terrible acts. For the heroines of the Turkish TV series “Maids,” which can be watched online with English subtitles, the most important thing is to finish your independent investigation and make sure everyone gets what they deserve.
Hizmetçiler (Maids)
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Update: 22/03/2020

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