Super Riki / Ozlem Tokaslan
Kusursuz Kiracı (The Perfect Tenant)
In the Turkish TV series "Kusursuz Kiracı" we will talk about those people who are forced to rent housing. Only recently the situation is not developing in the best way, and the Turkish lira began to depreciate very much. All this has led to the fact that the prices of everything have increased,
Year: 2022
Genre: Drama
Update: 5/10/2022
5 October 2022
Tutunamayanlar (The Expendables)
Taryk did not imagine that he could ever get a job. The idler and the rake burn his own life until he meets Yrem. The girl was left with nothing after the bankruptcy of her father, so she was forced to look for work. Her path intersects with a young man who came for an interview. The guy admits
Year: 2020
Genre: Comedy
Update: 9/02/2020
9 February 2020