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Duy Beni 1-20 series

Duy Beni
The Turkish series "Duy Beni" will show the collision of two worlds: the rich and the poor. Only the main characters of the Turkish series with English subtitles were not successful citizens, but children. They go to the same school, where there is no equality between children from wealthy families
Year: 2022
Genre: Drama
Update: 18/11/2022
18 November 2022

Ariza 1-30 series

The Turkish TV series "Ariza" in English will show an amazing story of great love between a simple and modest guy named Ali Ryze and a charming girl Khalide. Ali was born into an ordinary and not wealthy family, but at the same time very decent and exemplary. Parents sought to give a good
Year: 2020
Genre: Action / Drama
Update: 15/04/2021
15 April 2021