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Zümrüdüanka (Emerald phoenix)
Serhat, the grandson of a wealthy Demirkanlar family, joins the army to pay off his debt to his homeland. After the service, he intends to marry Zyumryut, who works in their factory. But while he was in the army, his uncle Adil also decided to marry Zyumryut, not knowing their love with Serhat. And
Year: 2020
Genre: Drama
Update: 21/12/2020
21 December 2020

Elimi birakma 57-59 series

Elimi birakma
Jenck's childhood was spent in a luxurious setting. His parents are rich and successful people. They have their own food factory. Jenk’s father’s business is constantly expanding. He sent his adult child to study in America. Azra in childhood also had everything that was needed for a happy life.
Year: 2018
Genre: Drama
Update: 25/12/2019
25 December 2019