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Asmali konak (The Mansion with Vines)

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Genre: Drama
The Turkish series "The Mansion with Vines" - has long since gained popularity among viewers in its homeland, now it is time to watch this television series for us. First of all, it should be emphasized that the plot of the series is not new, moreover, it is probably familiar to many of us, which is not surprising. And all for the reason that people regularly come across similar stories. The plot of the series takes place against the backdrop of a love story between two young people. He is a young handsome guy who, in turn, is the heir to a solid empire. She is a young, beautiful and charming most ordinary girl who cannot boast of wealthy parents. And fate decided to bring these young people together. They met while studying in the huge metropolis of New York. The main characters of this story almost immediately fell in love with each other, moreover, for some time they even managed to create a kind of family. They loved each other and enjoyed life. However, soon it all ended, namely when the guy decided to introduce his girlfriend to his parents. After they arrived in Cappadocia, the guy’s parents were not happy with his beloved, because she is not their field of berry. What will happen next, and how the events of this television series will unfold, we will find out only after we start watching "The Mansion with Vines" online.
Asmali konak (The Mansion with Vines)
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Update: 22/12/2019

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almaK1705 Kinoman 11 September 2020 00:57
Hi, I've started watching Asmali Konak, but could only see Ep 1. Is there more?
Puja Guests 29 September 2020 18:06
Hi, will u upload remaining episodes. I m very excited to watch it coz i like nurgul

jena Guests 15 January 2024 08:41
Please, please add more episodes.