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Şahane Hayatım

1 series
Year: 2023
Genre: Drama
At the center of the events of the Turkish series was a young and attractive woman named Shebnem. The main character of Şahane hayatim has a charming daughter named Sare, whom she loves very much. But circumstances developed so that the woman was forced to take care of the upbringing and maintenance of the child herself. She always tried to give her daughter the best, but sometimes there was not enough money for this. In addition to trying to care for her daughter as much as possible, Shebnam is trying to solve numerous financial problems. Only this is given to her with great difficulty and Shebnem is simply trying to survive in this cruel world with all her might.

Big problems for the heroine of the Turkish TV series “Şahane hayatim” are created by Sarah’s father, who intends to take custody of the child into his own hands. Despite the fact that from birth the girl’s biological father never showed any special attention or care to her, now he intended to take the child away from the mother. He was so confident in his abilities that he was ready to go to the bitter end and achieve his main goal by any means. Troubles constantly fall on the head of the unhappy mother and sometimes she wants to let go and give up. But then she looks at Sarah and gathers her remaining strength to fight further for her beloved daughter.

The usual life for the main character begins to change at the moment when on her way she meets one man. As soon as she saw him for the first time, she immediately experienced an incredible attraction to this young man. He was very smart, polite, kind and most importantly seemed reliable. Shebnam was able to see only worthy qualities in him and therefore she would like to see this person next to her. But this will not be easy to do. Before they can achieve happiness together, lovers will have to overcome difficulties of various kinds along the way.
Şahane Hayatım
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Update: 3/11/2023

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