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Tuzak episode 8 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 8th episode of the Turkish series "The Trap" will tell about how Umut and Ceren decided to work together and built a plan according to which they began to follow. Umut, with the help of Demir, tries to get information about Meral, but he becomes aware of Suleiman. This man once worked as a driver for Demir. As soon as he and Ceren received all the necessary information, they immediately began to investigate. Ceren was shocked by what she had to hear from Suleiman about Meral. As soon as Mete found out that Ceren was missing, he began to ask Demir for more responsibilities for himself. For him, the most important thing is to stay in the foreground and Mete does not want to miss this opportunity. In addition, he continues to closely monitor every step of Ceren and Umut, and then reports everything to his father. He began to build a plan that could disrupt the relationship between Meral and Selami. After the traps began to cover one after another, Demir felt himself driven into a corner. When he tried to intimidate Jeren, he could not succeed in this matter. She packs her things and leaves the house, leaving all her possessions to her father. When Ceren left, Demir's world collapsed. Güven comes to Demir and tells about his plans for Umai. Demir agrees with this decision and now he would like to get to know the family of this girl...