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Tuzak episode 5 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 5th episode of the Turkish series "Tuzak" will tell about how Umut had to face the betrayal of his family and because of this he feels very lonely. He never would have thought that this would happen to him. Ceren is by his side during this difficult period and tries to provide support. She also does not lose hope that she can bring the mysterious lawyer to clean water. She began to ask Umut to tell her everything and share her misfortune. Umut began to say that the roof of his house had collapsed and he felt how his house was fading. Ceren plans to team up with his brothers and dethrone Demir from his chair. The girl said that the order established by her father could not last so long. But Mete immediately went to his father and handed over Jeren to him. He began to ask his son to tell everything in detail and not to miss any detail. Mete told his father that Ceren was going to overthrow him. But how will Demir react to this? And what will be his response? Umut came home and brought his aunt and Mahir to talk. He wants to know if they really benefited from their brother's death? But what will be the answer from Umut's relatives? And did they really take money from the enemy?