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Gecenin ucunda episode 1 english subtitles

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Episode 1 of the Turkish series "Gecenin Ucunda" will tell about how difficult the fate of a young woman named Majide was. She, like all women, always dreamed of finding her long-awaited happiness. She also wanted to meet a good man, whom she could successfully marry and build her cloudless life. Only here on the way she had to face frequent failures, trials and various difficulties. In addition, Majide found an unhappy love, as a result of which she was left completely alone with a small child in her arms. Majide is ready to fight all the trials that have fallen to her lot and all for the sake of her daughter so that she can grow up in full prosperity and happiness. She is ready to go to any lengths and ensure that in this life everything is fair to her as well. One day, Majide, under random circumstances, meets Kazym Isik, who was from a rich and famous family. Majide fell in love with Kazym, but very soon she realized that she had not made the right choice. The thing is that Kazym belonged to a completely different world and society. She has to give up this great love for Kazym, since the most important thing for her is taking care of her daughter ...