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Kusursuz Kiracı (The Perfect Tenant) episode 3 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 3rd episode of the Turkish series "Kusursuz Kiracı" tells how Mona called Leyla and said that she was forced to move. As soon as Mona left the house, the neighbors gathered their tools and went to the roof of the building. When they set to work, there was no way they could have foreseen that Mona would appear before them. Mona decided to have a serious talk with her neighbors, who are not happy at all with her presence in this house. She said that she could tell Yakup about his neighbors who were going to steal gold from him. They immediately began to ask her not to do it. Then Mona asked to tell the whole truth. Yakup is ready to reveal one important secret to Monet, but at the same time he demands to tell her his secret in return. Mona assures Yakup that she has no secrets. But only he knows perfectly well that each person has some secrets that they try to carefully hide from the rest. The neighbors are very worried that Mona still decides to open their door and reveal the secret. Madame Vula asked Mona if she knew the easiest way for a person to die? Mona suggested that it might come from the knife. But Madam Voula believes that an easy death is disappointment. Mona was summoned for interrogation and they want to ask her a few questions about the murder...