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Duy Beni episode 8 english subtitles

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The 8th episode of the Turkish TV series "Duy Beni" tells how Kanat was taken under arrest and taken to the police station for interrogation. When Ekim found out about this, she became very worried. Ayse decided to have a serious talk with Leyla. She believes that Layla has long since lost her mind. She wants to understand why the person who did this to her should not suffer the deserved punishment? Layla answered because she is in love with Kanat. Then Ayse asked if she was sure that Kanat was also in love with her? Kanat contacted Ekim via video link, but she doesn't even know what to talk about with him. Kanat said that there was no point in saying anything and he was ready to look at her like this forever. Ekim asked, endlessly, isn't it too long? Kanat replied that it was not for him. He wants to understand when Ekim will stop running away and finally confess his feelings towards him? Ayse sees that Ekim has really fallen in love. She said that now she had to make an important decision. Will she be able to confess her feelings for Kanat? Ekim brought Melisa in a wheelchair blindfolded in front of everyone. She said that now everyone is interested in understanding why Melissa is in such a state. Ekim said it was a manifesto. Or, otherwise, a protest against the popularity of people who, for the sake of laughter, are ready to engage in despotism and brag about it. Melisa promises Ekim that she will destroy her...