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Duy Beni episode 6 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 6th episode of the Turkish TV series "Duy Beni" will tell about how Melisa is trying to improve relations with Leila, as this will only work for good. This friendship will become her weapon against Ekim. She stuck a pearl on Leila's eyes and said that only the two of them would have such. Leila ended up in the office about which Ekim talked so much. Kanat wanted to know what exactly Ekim was telling her? But Leila does not want to remember these conversations. It is very important for her that they were able to finally meet. After Kanat wrote the last message to Leila, a lot has changed for her. But Kanat has no idea what kind of message he is talking about. Leila told Kanat that if not for him, she would never have been able to find the strength to come here. Then she took Kanat by the hand and said that she loved him very much. Ekim found out that Kanat did not come to class. When she asked why he did not come to school, she had to hear an unexpected answer. Kanat said that he would not come to school again and they would not have to meet. But Kanant also said that he fell in love with Ekim. Ekim cannot believe these words. She feels uncomfortable because she met with Kanat and is now forced to listen to this nonsense. Then Kanat took Ekim's hand and leaning it against his heart asked to hear him...