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Duy Beni episode 2 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 2 of the Turkish TV series Duy Beni tells how everyone was told at the gala that three students were awarded grants. These lucky ones were Ekim Guleriz, Bekir Kaplan and Ayse Karaca. Sedat accidentally found out that Aishe was at a party and immediately went there. In front of everyone, he grabbed his daughter by the hand and led her home. Ayse asked her father to leave her, because this is a great chance for her to have a bright future. But Sedat can't let his daughter go to a school that he thinks was built on blood. Melissa saw Kanat dancing with Ekim and she was very angry. In the morning, Melisa warned Ekim not to mess with her boyfriend or else she would drop out of college like her friend. When Kanat opened his closet, there was a mask and Ekim saw it. She was shocked and, leaving the educational institution, was about to go to the police station. There, she reported that she had seen the mask, and it was in the closet of Kanat Gunay, a student of this school. Most likely, it was he who hit Leila when he was driving a car. The police arrived at the scene and began to open his closet to find evidence. Kanat understands that Ekim will not stop now, but he must silence her...