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Duy Beni episode 19 english subtitles

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The 19th episode of the Turkish series "Duy Beni" will tell about how Kanat met with Gaye for only one purpose. He wants to have a serious talk with her in order to put an end to their relationship once and for all. Kanat told Gaia that he loves Ekim very much and cannot imagine his life without her. Kanat was advised to stop pretending to be good, as he would not be able to be with everyone and be good at the same time. Otherwise, he will lose those who truly love him. Melisa told Ozan that she loves him very much and he also responds with mutual feelings. But if he had to go through this again, then this time Ozan would definitely not survive. He thinks it's best for him to leave. It will only be better for both of them. Ekim is very offended by Kanat, and she does not understand why he hid everything from her and did not tell the truth? He directly took and lied to her. When she told her mother about this, the woman thought that Ekim was actually afraid of something else. Ekim herself does not know. Then the mother said that Ekim was worried that Kanat's thoughts might get confused. Ekim's friend went to Gaia and said that in Kanat's life there is no one but Ekim. She has to get it into her head. When this morning she saw Kanat, she asked where he was yesterday? Kanat replied that yesterday his friend had a very personal problem and he went to help him. Ekim knew that it was not true and hit Kanat in the face for his next lie...